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Move Services, An Auditing Company

Move Services is an independent software testing and information systems auditing company. As a software testing company, Move Services has served a global clientele ensuring the quality of their web, mobile and desktop applications across multiple industry verticals. In addition to application testing, Move Services provides quality management of information systems and IT infrastructures. We have secured our clients through security audits, defining security architecture, data leakage prevention and penetration testing.

Striving for excellence

We breathe to make every moment making our client products defect free and continuously improving. Therefore, all of our skills, expertise and efforts are aiming for a unique and successful goal. As a company, we strongly believe that a great team of experts leads to great results and that is what we are always looking for.

Our audit programs covers processes, procedures, controls, data, hardware, software and networks.


  • Standards – ensure that standards are adopted and followed.
  • Reviews and audits – audits are reviews performed by SQA personnel to ensure that quality guidelines are followed for all software engineering work.
  • Testing – ensure that testing id properly planned and conducted.
  • Error/defect collection and analysis – collects and analyses error and defect data to better understand how errors are introduced and can be eliminated.
  • Changes management – ensures that adequate change management practices have been instituted.
  • Education – takes lead in software process improvement and educational program.
  • Vendor management – suggests specific quality practices vendor should follow and incorporates quality mandates in vendor contracts.
  • Security management – ensures use of appropriate process and technology to achieve desired security level.
  • Safety – responsible for assessing impact of software failure and initiating steps to reduce risk.
  • Risk management – ensures risk management activities are properly conducted and that contingency plans have been established.